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 Another photo op!

Hail the Nuliaq!!

Still morning

We never know what kind of wildlife or surprises we will run into.   We have found everything from swimming eagles to messages in a bottle, to a sow bear with triplet cubs.   There are also breaching whales, porpoise and salmon sharks that surprise us now and then.   We can fish or go ashore on sunny days to build a fire and have a picnic then bask in the heat, beauty and solitude. 

The Sound is full of surprises -- even for longtime fishermen!!

Gives new meaning to "On the Rocks"

We never tire of visiting the glaciers.

Bear is not interested in us!!

Always lots to see!

Kayaking on the Sound!

Family Fun on 4th of July

Although we have watched its drastic retreat every year since 1987,

Columbia Glacier is still awe inspiring--and this is just part of it!

Just fishin' and a hopin'!

Proud Italian fishermen.

Thar she blows!!

Drone's eye view!!

I think he just spotted lunch!

Delight to catch.   Delicious to eat!!

Learn from your Captain!!

Fishing Italian style

A peaceful end to a perfect day!

Lazy, loud and fun to watch!

August is Silver Salmon season!

Always awesome to see the orcas up close!!

Cordova fish buyers tied up.  (Yes we do go to Cordova, too.)

Relaxing in the sun after a hard day of playing!!

Have you ever seen a more beautifully colored iceberg??!

Think she likes her fish?

Which one weighs more?

   Seagull Nest

Womens Silver Salmon Derby 2018

P.S. - All pictures on this page were taken by us or Nuliaq clients while traveling Prince William Sound.

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