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Nuliaq Alaska  Charters

Nuliaq Alaska Charters is proud to offer private luxury cruises on the protected waters of Prince William Sound, Alaska.

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Here, majestic ice fields spew glaciers to tidewater, a hidden cove harbors nesting geese or playful sea otters, a stream flows through mossy green carpet bordering your secluded anchorage.

Prince William Sound is alive with wildlife from the impressive humpback whales to the small denizens of the inter-tidal pools.   The silent beauty of nature is broken only by a thundering waterfall bursting from rocky crags or the piercing cry of an eagle.   You can fish, play or relax while experiencing the unparalleled beauty of Prince William Sound's 3500 miles of shoreline -- all different all exciting.

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Pamper yourself.   Design a cruise to satisfy your interests and schedule.   We serve gourmet meals, provide luxurious accommodations, offer excursions and photo opportunities - and, of course, fishing, beach combing, kayaking, and sightseeing to your hearts content.

Sound inviting?   Contact us to arrange a custom tailored cruise that will be the highlight of your vacations for years to come.


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"Thanks for going the extra mile to make our trip fantastic.  I'll never forget the beauty of Alaska and some of your meals."

Tony Black, Tampa, Florida

"I'd come back just for the halibut soup!"


Dr. Michael Sinclair, London, England

"...wanted to thank you for the absolutely outstanding time I had.  I had never done anything like this before & had a fabulous time.   You are both terrific people....I am going back home greatly rejuvenated.   I think we all lose touch with how tired and out of balance we can get.    The better part of a week with good food, company, scenery and a couple fish thrown in really did it for me.   Thanks so much."

Michael Ormsby, Spokane, Washington

"In all my years of traveling, the finest meals I've ever had were on this boat.  Seriously... and, the salads; they are perfect!"

Dr. Bernt Eichhorn, Frankfurt, Germany

"Every aspect of the trip is first class.  Murray and Phyllis are true professionals who will ensure you have a world class experience."

Stu Ostlund, Vancouver, British Columbia

"Chartering Nuliaq was so memorable that my friends and I have turned it into an annual event.   the Nuliaq is a floating "Five Star" hotel/restaurant that you just happen to fish from.  Whale-watching, otter spotting, getting up close and personal with glaciers, putting the dinghy in for private expeditions, spending the night in a quiet bay, and the fabulous gourmet meals are just a few of the things that brought us back...oh, yes, we did some fishing, too."

Liz D'Amour, Moreno Valley, Callifornia

"This is my fifth year chartering with Murray on the Nuliaq.   Need I say more?"

Jim Stevens, Kelowna, British Columbia

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